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Market analysis of paper pulp molded tableware
Source:Hebei Zeheng Paper-Plastic packaging Co.,Ltd Time:2019-7-16 Click:5007

First, 2009-2012 China pulp molded tableware production scale

At present, the National Pulp and paper tableware production capacity of more than l billion enterprises nearly 20. 2011, the industry's overall production capacity reached 19 billion 80 million, is expected in 2012 will be more than 20 billion.

Two, 2009-2012 China pulp molded tableware market size

China's pulp mold products due to abundant raw material sources, low production cost, the production and use of pollution-free products, light weight and compressive strength, good cushioning performance and has certain plasticity, adding the corresponding amount of chemical additives can also get some special properties, so that it is currently in the packaging industry are widely used in aid of tableware, fruits, eggs, glass, ceramics, electronic appliances and other lined shockproof packaging fragile products, some material in recent years planting seedlings, technology products, medical equipment and machinery components also tried to switch to the pulp molded products from plastic products, to eliminate white pollution due to non degradable plastic products and the formation of "".

In 2011, the market size of China pulp molding tableware industry reached 5 billion 920 million yuan, an increase of 15%. 2012, affected by the overall economic downturn, industry growth will slow down, the market size is expected to reach 6 billion 630 million yuan.

Three, 2009-2012 product price trend and influence factors analysis

In recent years, with the increase in raw materials and labor costs, China's pulp molded tableware products are also rising prices. Affected by the low cost of plastic tableware and non-standard competition in the industry, the pulp molded tableware industry is highly competitive, and the price of products is growing slowly.

Buy "2014-2018 Chinese pulp molding tableware industry market situation and investment risk analysis and forecast report" customers are mainly used to assess the feasibility of investment: investment company, VC/PE industry used to understand the pulp molding industry, environmental protection tableware belongs to environmental protection molded pulp tableware industry enterprises for reference of business plan writing, IPO listed depth research the research and feasibility analysis report. Pulp molding tableware industry manufacturers for a comprehensive understanding of the industry and industry competitors, financial advisers for the understanding of pulp molding tableware industry, the upstream industry chain for the customer prior to integration analysis, manufacturers for backward integration analysis, according to the analysis, we can help you quickly find the ideal supplier / distributor. For new entrants into the pulp molded tableware industry investors to understand the industry's investment opportunities. Analysis of the market prospects for you, the development of new products and services in order to help you accurately assess the new positioning.

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