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What is the difference between white pulp and sugar cane pulp in paper care products?
Source:Hebei Zeheng Paper-Plastic packaging Co.,Ltd Time:2019-7-18 Click:3151
Paper material is divided into a variety of materials, such as bamboo pulp, wood pulp, corrugated pulp, white pulp (also known as white pulp or A4 pulp), sugar cane pulp, etc., in the paper care products are used in many of the more There are white pulp and sugar cane pulp, the two of how to distinguish it?
Dry white paper pulp care
In fact, very simple, first of all from the color point of view, although are white, but the sugar cane pulp paper care will be a bit yellow, white pulp and we usually use office A4 copy paper as white. Second, look at the toughness of the product, the general wet process rarely use white pulp, so we from the dry pressure products, sugar cane pulp because of its soft fiber, combined with dry pressure product itself is not particularly strong, so that dry pressure Sugarcane pulp paper care products do hardness is better than white pulp is good. Generally choose to do the dry pressure of the products are from the protection of products to consider, therefore, we recommend that you can do when the dry paper care paper care paper care Oh Oh
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