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Investigation and Analysis of Environmental Protection Paper Industry
Source:Hebei Zeheng Paper-Plastic packaging Co.,Ltd Time:2019-7-20 Click:2946
China is a large agricultural country, the annual crop harvest after the composition of the straw capital is very rich, such as straw, cotton stalk, corn stalks, bean stalks, sorghum stalks, sesame stalks, rice straw, there are other crops such as straw, It is not only able to reduce the occurrence of straw black smoke, prevent air pollution, easy to degrade, and benefit from recycling. It can also be a new way for agricultural clean production to develop a new way of environmental protection. The prospects are extremely broad.
Environmental protection paper care
In terms of the packaging industry, not only to develop and control can effectively save resources and energy, is conducive to the protection of the environment, environmental protection paper packaging products can be recycled, but also pay attention to speed up the development of annual herbaceous fiber plants as the main raw material of environmental protection paper packaging new The
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