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New product development, design and research and development ability

Independent design and development team, with a large number of new product development success stories;
Years of branded product packaging design supporting experience, so that seamless combination of internal and external packaging;
Over the years with various types of packaging plant design research and development of paper care lining;
According to the customer to provide application products or 4D design drawings, tailored solutions;

Mold development, the first production efficiency

With professional mold engineering team, the use of advanced CNC machine tools and ancillary equipment, can save development time 3 - 4 days;

Into the production line, wet pressure manufacturing

The raw material of the wet pressing process is mainly sugar cane bagasse, bamboo pulp paper or reed wheat straw, etc., through the pulp machine feeding to the raw material pool, at the same time, according to the different materials mettle, add quantitative water in order to obtain the appropriate material Concentration so that the feedstock becomes a slurry and is conveyed under a computer program to a molding machine for production.
Products semi-dehydration molding manufacturing
The finished paper will be conveyed to the molding machine, through our semi-automatic machine to complete the first step of the product molding manufacturing, namely: through the vacuum so that the pulp adsorption in the mold on the molding. Formed in the product after stripping the grid placed on the next step to prepare the mold directly dry operation.
Products directly hot pressed dry molding
Through the process of product molding process, semi-finished products contain a lot of water, through the semi-automatic way to the product into the hot die, through the mold movement, pressure, heating until the product roasted to obtain the shape of the product.
Cutting products
According to different product requirements to cut the product in order to obtain a more beautiful and neat appearance of the product, for the need for special punching and cutting the edge of the product, the need to produce more complex and more accurate trimming die.

Material environmental protection, delivery fast, small packaging

Raw materials for the sugar cane bagasse for the sugar plant waste, environmental degradation, health can reach the food level;
Bright, beautiful; high production efficiency; products using carton packaging, stacking can reduce the cost of logistics;

7x24 hours for your service, after-sale protection

Price: 24 hours; design: 48 hours; customer complaints: 8 hours; own logistics team, delivery door.

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